Frequently Asked Questions
Q:What are the system requirements?
A: iPhone and iPad - iOS 9.0 or greater
Q:I have deleted my app, but want to reinstall it. How do I get my purchases back?
A: In the Store on the Main Menu is a button that allows you to restore your purchases. Unfortunately, this does not restore any Undo’s you might have purchased or earned?
Q:I want to use Undo’s, but I do not want to buy any. How do I get Undo’s?
A: A player is awarded one undo for every four games played in a session. Buying Ad-Free has no effect on the gaining of these Undo’s.
Q:Will my progress be restored if I reinstall the app?
A: Unfortunately, your progress in the game cannot be restored if the app is deleted.
Q:How do I rank up? What are these asterisks next to my rank? How does any of this work?
A: Ranks are earned by beating Stages in Classic Mode and by placing blocks during games. Having an asterisk next to your rank is a special recognition for earning certain achievements. An asterisk that can be earned without first beating Classic Mode is for completing each Challenge at least once. Other than that, experiment and build to discover new levels of prestige in the game.
Q:How do I complete a level in this game?
A: You can complete levels by building bridges from each column, without any blocks hitting the ground. If there are two columns, build a bridge from one to the other. If there are three, build a bridge spanning all three, or two smaller bridges. Depending on the level, this can be an easy task or a difficult one.
Q:I cannot remember the weights of each block. Where can I find this information?
A: Block weights can be found in the Tutorial. The block colors from lightest to most heavy are: white, red, blue, and black.
Q:I think I might have found an issue with the game. How can I contact the developers to tell them what I found?
A: There is a contact field for this purpose on The developers always enjoy getting feedback from users.
Q:I completed a Challenge, but my score has not appeared on the Game Center. What do I do?
A: Game Center often takes several hours to update game leaderboards. If your score does not appear after a day or so, you were probably not connected to the Internet. Scores can only be submitted if the device used has a valid connection to Game Center’s servers.
Q:I have noticed that my game is running slowly or lagging. How can I fix this?
A: If Bridge of Blocks is running slowly, you probably need to close other running applications. This is especially important on older devices.
Q:I cannot post scores to the leaderboards or earn achievements. How can I fix this?
A: You must be logged into your Game Center account to post scores or earn achievements. Log in or create an account to access these features.
Q:Do I need Game Center to play Bridge of Blocks?
A: Technically no. You do need it for achievements and leaderboards, but the game is functional without it.
Q:What is a Master Builder, and how can I hope to become one?
A: You must walk the path to see its destination. Some day, you will be worthy of it.
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